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Team USA won in men's 4x100m medley relay

Team USA won in women's 4x100m medley relay

HOSSZÚ Katinka (HUN) won in women's 400m IM

LACOURT Camille (FRA) won in men's 50m backstroke

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) won in women's 50m freestyle

KALISZ Chase (USA) won in men's 400m IM

KING Lilly (USA) won in women's 50m breaststroke

Men's High diving results: 1. Steve Lo Bue (USA) 397.15 2. Michal Navratil (CZE) 390.90 3. Alessandro De Rose (ITA) 379.65

LEDECKY Katie (USA) won in women's 800m freestyle

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) just broke the World Record in women's 50m freestyle semi-final



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23.6 ° 10 km/h
23 ° 14 km/h
22.1 ° 9 km/h
23 ° 4 km/h
25 ° 23 km/h
19.9 ° 10 km/h
9.7 ° 36 km/h


20 ° 18 km/h
22.9 ° 15 km/h
23.4 ° 16 km/h
23 ° 10 km/h
25 ° 29 km/h
17.6 ° 12 km/h
9.5 ° 51 km/h

Water polo: The two host national teams are excited and determined

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Hungary’s men and women national teams start the 17th FINA World Championships at the Hajós Alfréd Complex with hopes for winning medals. The ladies kick off the tournament on Sunday against Japan, the gentlemen on Monday against Australia.

„We practiced isolated from the world in Eger in the final days and I can say that our preparation was harder and longer than leading up to last year’s Olympics. The girls can testify to that. I hope our endevour will be seen in the pool as well. I believe we improved a lot.” – said Bíró Attila, head coach of Hungary’s women national team and he added that the team is in great shape. They are focusing on the game against Japan, who are known for their unpleasent style, but they are also looking ahead for the game against Netherlands.

The women’s roster only contains one player who already won the World Championships, Orsolya Takács won gold medal in Montreal in 2005. Now, after 12 years, her goals are exactly the same.

Photo: Bp2017 Media/Máté Balogh

„It’s a wonderful feeling that we are the hosts of the World Championships, for the first time in my career. The moment we came back from Eger, we stepped into a really intense and spectacular environment and we can see that everybody is prepering for and working on the championships. Practice againts USA was really useful, we became better, took a step forward and we are really excited for the tournament to start.” ­– summerized Orsolya Takács.

The ladies will begin their journey on Sunday, at 20:10 in Hajós Alfréd Complex. In the other game in their group, Netherlands play againts France.

The men national team is also waiting for the World Championship to start, but the players are concentrating for the task ahead.

„We don’t really look ahead too much, we are not really nervous because of the first game, we have other tasks at hand. I can see the excitement on the guys, they are like racehorses held back. It is a great opportunity for me and the guys, that we are the hosts, this will not happen again in our careers. We have to take advantage of this.” – said Tamás Märcz, head coach of Hungary.

„We are doing well, we will start our journey on Monday. I’ve never been a nervous type of player, I’m not now, moreover, I’m overly motivated that I can play in front of my parents, my family, my friends and a Hungarian audience, this is a huge motivation for me.” – said Krisztián Manhercz, who is a World Championship rookie, despite playing at the Olympics in Rio last year.

„Of course, the title is our goal, but we are headed there one step at a time. We have to win our group first, but even before that, we have to win our first game againts Australia.” – these are the words of Miklós Gór-Nagy, the oldest player on Hungary’s team.

They will have the opportunity for this on Monday at 20:10.

Preliminary Round for Hungary’s women national team.

July 16., Sunday:


July 18., Tuesday:


July 20., Thursday:


Preliminary Round for Hungary’s men national team.

July 17., Monday:

Hungary-Australia, 20:10

July 19., Wednesday:

Hungary-Italy, 20:10

July 21., Friday:

Hungary-France, 20:10