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Team USA won in men's 4x100m medley relay

Team USA won in women's 4x100m medley relay

HOSSZÚ Katinka (HUN) won in women's 400m IM

LACOURT Camille (FRA) won in men's 50m backstroke

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) won in women's 50m freestyle

KALISZ Chase (USA) won in men's 400m IM

KING Lilly (USA) won in women's 50m breaststroke

Men's High diving results: 1. Steve Lo Bue (USA) 397.15 2. Michal Navratil (CZE) 390.90 3. Alessandro De Rose (ITA) 379.65

LEDECKY Katie (USA) won in women's 800m freestyle

SJOSTROM Sarah (SWE) just broke the World Record in women's 50m freestyle semi-final



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21.6 ° 7 km/h
22.5 ° 10 km/h
26.6 ° 12 km/h
24.3 ° 11 km/h
23.7 ° 12 km/h
26.5 ° 10 km/h
29.1 ° 6 km/h


21.7 ° 4 km/h
22.1 ° 13 km/h
26.2 ° 13 km/h
23.7 ° 18 km/h
22.3 ° 13 km/h
25.7 ° 9 km/h
27.5 ° 8 km/h

Organizing Committee of the 2017 FINA World Championship and Magyar Telekom signed a sponsorship letter of intent


Budapest, April 18, 2016

Organizing Committee of the 2017 FINA World Championship and Magyar Telekom signed a sponsorship letter of intent

Organizing Committee of the 2017 FINA World Championship and Magyar Telekom signed today a letter of intent on entering into a two-year sponsorship agreement. According to this agreement Magyar Telekom will be Hungary’s main sponsor of the 17th FINA World Championship and Masters Championship held in Budapest and Balatonfüred in 2017.

By signing the agreement, Telekom wishes to deepen its commitment to the Hungarian swimming sport. For nearly a quarter of a century, the company has been one of the largest sponsors of Hungarian sports; All along, Magyar Telekom has worked in partnership with organizational committees of a number of successful swimming and water polo events, including the continental championships in 2006, 2010 and 2012. The agreement announced today is in line with the overall sports sponsoring strategy of Telekom: as leading telecommunications provider, the company’s goal is to support the work of the most popular and most successful organizations of domestic sports.

“In 2017, Budapest will be the sports capital of the world: the event next year will be one of the largest and most spectacular events in the history of water sports. As chairman of the organizing committee, I consider the preparatory tasks as a success for all Hungarian people. I wish that the audience, the nation see the event as at their own, which is also extremely important from the point of view of our nomination for the 2024 Olympic Games. The mission of Telekom as the first national main sponsor is of paramount importance also because as a leading infocommunications company, they will spread the reputation of Budapest and Hungary throughout the world: in 2017 billions of people will hear about the successes of our sportsmen, will see the work of our engineers and architects, the modern Hungarian sports facilities” – pointed out Government Commissioner Miklós Seszták, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 17th FINA World Championship.

“In addition to the usual sponsoring activities, we at Telekom are committed to contributing to the preparation and arrangement of the largest-ever Hungarian sports event with our own means. This special event, in fact, unites six world championships, accompanied by the Masters World Championship – in less than a month. We hope that as Hungary’s main sponsor, we will be able to contribute to high-standard and successful management of this outstanding national sports event” – said Christopher Mattheisen, Chief Executive Officer of Magyar Telekom.