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Swimming: Fabio Scozzoli is coming to Budapest, also

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Two-time silver medallist of the 2011 World Championships, Fabio Scozzoli will also enter the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest returning after a long break. The Italian swimmers’ delegation of 22 members will attend the Danube Arena this summer.

The return of the six-time European champions, Fabio Scozzoli has been declared officially. The 28 year-old breaststroker is about to return to the delegation preparing for the WCH in summer after a long break. He could make it to the finals at the London Olympics, however, after a rather disappointing performance at the World Champs in Barcelona he was severely injured and he could achieve some results again only last year, at the European Championships.

At the Short Course World Champs in Windsor, in December it seemed that everything was all right as he could stand on the podium again (claimed bronze in 100m breaststroke), but then bad luck interfered: ha developed severe pneumonia and had to stop training for a while.

Fabio Scozzoli is now training again, currently he is preparing in Riccione together with Nicolo Martinenghi among others, with whom they inspire each other as rivals.

„I was very happy to return to the national team, especially because the goal is to prepare for the World Championships. The best way for me to express my gratitude for this opportunity is to do my best for success” – said the Italian.  

In addition to his two silver medals from the WCH in Shanghai (50m and 100m breaststroke) he is a short course world champion (Istanbul, 2012), WCH silver and two-time bronze medallist. He attaches nice memories to Hungary because he won all 3 European Championships gold medals here: he finished first in 50m breaststroke in 2010, Debrecen, he claimed gold in 100m breaststroke and 4X100m medley relay in 2012 (he holds 7 European champion titles in short course), Budapest.

The path of the Italian delegation leading to Budapest has been clearly defined by the head coach, Cesare Butini: they will compete in Barcelona, on 13-14 June, in Canet on 17-18 and in Rome from 23 to 25. Following these tournaments the squad will have training camps in Flagstaff, Livigno and Sierra Nevada.

„This was one of the toughest championships of recent years and younger swimmers did an excellent job. They are as important members of the team as those with extensive experience. This squad represents a good combination of age groups. We will pay attention to our youngsters during the preparation to ensure that they arrive in Budapest in their top form” – said Cesare Butini on the website of the Italian Federation.

Members of the Italian swimmers’ squad:


Giacomo Carini, Piero Codia, Gabrielle Detti, Luca Dotto, Filippo Magnini, Nicolo Martinenghi, Filippo Megli, Alessandro Miressi, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Luca Pizzini, Matteo Restivo, Fabio Scozzoli, Federico Turrini, Ivano Vendrame


Ilaria Bianchi, Martina Carraro, Arianna Castiglioni, Silvia Di Pietro, Alice Mizzau, Federica Pellegrini, Stefania Pirozzi, Simona Quadarella