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Adam Peaty, the Brits’ Lion

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The newly built Danube Arena has recently welcomed some renowned guests upon the invitation of one of the partners of FINA. Three Olympic and World champion swimmers had the privilege to visit the venue hosting the 17th FINA World Championships this summer. One of them was Adam Peaty.

Last year in Rio he claimed the Brits’ first gold in 100m breaststroke and indeed after 28 years he was the first male British swimmer to win in the Olympic Games. On 7th August 2017 Adam Peaty’s biggest dream came true: after gaining world and European champion titles he became Olympic champion thworld record! ‘Next morning I woke up at six and my phone was almost crashed due to the messages I got from home and all over the world’ told Peaty, who got a lion tattooed on his upper arm to show his love for his country.

The swimming pool in Uttoxeter, where his career started, is now named after him. However, the beginnings were not at all easy considering that he was afraid of water.

What is more, back then, when his current coach, Melanie Marshall, saw him swimming freestyle, she was devastated thinking that this guy would never become a professional swimmer. Then Peaty changed for breaststroke and Marshall realised at once that a great miracle was about to unfold. 

It has always been highly important for him to impact people through his career. He has practically won everything he could. Last year in Rio he completed the so called Grand Slam over 100m breaststroke (respected greatly by the British) by becoming world and European champion, won the Commonwealth Games as well as the Olympics within a year.  He is multiple world record holder, he owns the best times both in 50 and 100m breaststroke. What drives him to go on? ‘It’s all about winning, pushing the barriers what a human body can achieve. As sportsmen our job is to inspire the younger generation’ said Peaty and his ideas are demonstrated by his deeds as well. In Danube Arena he made selfies with children training there, gave autographs smiling and recently in the British national swimming championships he, although swam the best time of the year in both 50 and 100m breaststroke, hit the headlines by an emotional and unusual act. He gave away his gold medal to a 10-year-old fan boy.

Whether there will be another young fellow to get a gold medal from Peaty depends on how many medals the British swimmer wou ld win. Still it is clear that cheering fans and the atmosphere of the Championships will have a positive effect on him, therefore he hopes to get those hundredths for the world record missed in the British championships. However, he does not leave anything to chance and he knows that in addition to the work to be done in the pool there are other aspects of preparation, too, so he took  advantage of his visit and made some video footage about the Danube Arena for himself.

Should you be interested in watching Adam Peaty or in receiving one of his medal (provided he claims more than one), visit the Danube Arena on 24th or 26th July when the 100m and 50m breaststroke finals of the World Championships will take place.