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China claimed 37 of 40 gold medals in FINA/NVC Diving World Series

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The final edition of the FINA/NVC Diving World Series was held at the Windsor International Aquatics & Training Centre from April 21-23rd. China won 8 of 10 gold in Canada, only British Jack Laugher and the Russian pair of Evgenii Kuznetsov and Ilia Zakharov could break the Chinese dominancy.

The Chinese divers arrived in Windsor with near total domination of the first three legs. Chinese athletes won 29 of the 30 gold medals from the previous events held in Beijing, Guangzhou, CHN and Kazan, RUS.  Only Jack Laugher of Great Britain was able to break through China's "Great Wall" of series championship titles.  Laugher won the men's 3m springboard on March 4th in the iconic Water Cube in Beijing.  

In the first event Qian REN and her partner Yajie SI scored 336.66 points to capture the women's 10m synchronized event for China beating the pairs from Malaysia and Great Britain. In the men's 10m synchro event Hao YANG and Aisen Chen of China earned 477.84 to best the pairs from Germany and Russia.  

In the men's 3m synchronized event the Russian pair of Evgeni KUZNETSOV and Illia ZAKHAROV scored 422.88 points and an upset by edging out the pair from Mexico who claimed the silver medal.  China's pair of Yuan CAO and Siyi XIE having won this event in the first three events of the series settled for third place medals in the series finale.  

The Chinese duo of Yani CHANG and Tingmao SHI scored 310.80 points bettering the team from the host nation in the women's 3m synchro springboard event.  Jennifer ABEL and Mélissa CITRINI-BEAULIEU put Canada on the podium with their tally of 305.52 points.  

Yajie SI of China achieved the highest score in the women's 10m platform to earn a gold medal for the third time in the series.  The winner's 390.60 points bettered Meissa WU of Australia who finished in second.

Fan favourite Jack LAUGHER of Great Britain won his second gold medal in the men's 3m springboard competition. 

Laugher is the only diver outside of the Chinese to win an individual gold medal in any event to date. The Brit won the event in Beijing. His total of 567.15 points in Windsor was the highest point tally of the series. LAUGHER's series tally included two gold medals and one silver medal: ‘My diving in Windsor this week was very good. I started out really well scoring 108 points on my favourite dive.  I achieved a new personal best today, almost a world record.  It's been a fantastic competition across all of the events.  To win two events and to be the only non-Chinese diver to win an event is really special.  I look forward to the World Championships this summer in Budapest.’

Jie LIAN and Junjie LIAN of China swept the four-event series of the mixed 10m synchronized contest scoring 344.37, a comfortable margin of 29.55 points ahead of the silver medallists from the host country.  

The Chinese won gold and silver in the women's 3m and the men's 10m platform and they found the top of the podium in the Mixed 3m Synchronized event too. 

In the first event of last day's final session of the World Series, the Rio Olympic Champion Tingmao SHI beat her teammate Han WANG by 17.60 points. The Chinese athletes finished first and second in the women's 3m Springboard. 

High drama played out in Men's 10m Platform event when Hao YANG nearly defeated Olympic champion Aisen CHEN. YANG led the field of six athletes after the second, fourth and fifth dives but his final dive was the worst of the field and it was not enough to clinch the gold medal. CHEN won three consecutive titles in Beijing, Guangzhou and Kazan earlier this year; his fourth earned in Windsor: ‘During a competition, I only focus on myself, I do not have time to think about other competitors, so I didn’t know that YANG was leading after the fifth round,’ said CHEN. ‘I am not satisfied with my performance at all, this does not reflect what I am doing in training.’

China claimed 37 of 40 gold medals in FINA/NVC Diving World Series in 2017, the only gold medals not won by Chinese divers were won by Jack LAUGHER of Great Britain who won the Men's 3m Springboard in Windsor and in Beijing and the Russian pair of Evgenii KUZNETSOV and Ilia ZAKHAROV who won the Men's 3m Synchronized in Windsor.

Gold medallists in Windsor:

Men's 3m Springboard                 Jack LAUGHER - GBR                                                   567.15

Women's 3m Springboard          Tingmao SHI - CHN                                                      378.40

Men's 10m Platform                     Aisen CHEN - CHN                                                       569.10

Women's 10m Platform               Yajie SI - CHN                                                                390.60

Men's 3m Synchronized               Evgenii KUZNETSOV & Ilia ZAKHAROV - RUS        422.88

Women's 3m Synchronized        Yani CHANG & Tingmao SHI - CHN                          310.80

Men's 10m Synchronized            Hao YANG & Aisen CHEN - CHN                               477.84

Women's 10m Synchronized      Quia REN & Yajie SI - CHN                                         336.66

Mixed 3m Synchronized              Han WANG & Zheng LI - CHN                                   355.10

Mixed 10m Synchronized            Jie LIAN & Junjie LIAN - CHN                                     334.37