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Your guide to Budapest programmes during the world championships: 10 ideas for a stroll in Pest

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17th FINA World Championships and 17th FINA Masters World Championships Hungarian host cities including the capital city, Budapest and Balatonfüred providing the open water swimming venue are of uniquely rich cultural, natural and built heritage. World championships for six disciplines will be held in the middle of the high season thus those arriving in Budapest or lake Balaton for the championships will definitely not be bored. What else is there to do in Budapest this time? A lot. Here are some ideas.

Budapest is one of the most easily accessible European cities, thanks to its lively cultural life, welcoming character and charm it is a highly popular destination in Europe. Anyone can find their account in the city, this is why so many people like the main venue of the 17th FINA World Championships.

Although during the 2 weeks’ championship period attendants of the event will definitely not be wandering around aimlessly we have collected some ideas on spending leisure time in a pleasant and meaningful way.

See our summarised guide HERE, we are going to detail these ideas in our series kicking off now.

I. 10 ideas for a nice city stroll in Pest with some added programmes to discover the beauties of Pest along the left bank of the Danube

1. Walk along Andrássy street, probably the most fascinating boulevard of the city! It is not by accident that this street is often referred to as the Champs-Élysées of Budapest. Shady trees on both sides, cafés and designer stores, squares and stops, historic buildings. St. Stephen’s Basilica might be a destination walking along this street, or else you can end up at Heroes’ Square walking in the other direction. Wanna speed up? Take the Millenium Underground M1 from Andrássy street.

Check out Andrássy street at Christmas. 

You can find more photos of the boulevard here.

2. Would you like to be Gulliver among the Lilliputians? This is exactly how you could feel in the Miniversum while looking at the miniatures of the sights of Hungary. Great programme for families, more info here.

3. Having a ride on tram no 2 you can see one of the most beautiful tram routes in the world. It passes by the Parliament and runs along the Danube promenade and the riverbank. National Geographic has picked tramway 2 in Budapest among its top ten panoramic route list in the world.

4. Do you wish to boost your downtown stroll? Do so with the help of the ferris wheel in Erzsébet square. Hop on and marvel at the charming capital. Some call it Budapest Eye, others refer to it as Sziget Eye. All the same, the point is the amazing view from the top.

Take a look here. 

5. Sit down on the grass in Erzsébet square green park downtown. The favourite meeting point of youngsters will definitely carry you away.

6. Do you fancy looking at the city from above? Check out one of the numerous rooftop terraces (skybars). Previous years have seen a huge increase in the number of rooftop terraces in the city, it is quite sweet to have a drink and hang out on top of a building.

7. Wherever you are heading to it is always a good idea to stop for a playground session with the kids. Fortunately there are abundant facilities to choose from, we recommend the Olympic Park in Pest, for instance, but luckily the selection of playgrounds in the city is endless.

Check out playgrounds in Budapest.

8. Oh, those downtown cafés in Pest! Renowned figures of literature and arts used to gather in these spots to find inspiration and to appeal to their muses. Coffee culture is rich, coffee selection is wide, quality of service is high. Check out artistic or literary cafés in the city!

Take a look at the list of top coffee shops in Budapest on Tripadvisor.

9. Feel like walking along the main shopping and walking street of Budapest? All big cities have such promenades. s for Budapest, head to Váci street (both sides), pay attention to others and notice the charm of the buildings.  

Click here to get some insight.

10. How about getting to know some new people? In this city you have great chances to do so. Wanna indulge in the city’s night life? Head to Gozsdu Courtyard. The city’s authentic and vivid entertaining centre opens from Király street, one of the busiest ones in the city and features a sack of restaurants, bars, coffee shops in one place with a lot of young people, open-minded atmosphere and unique experiences.

For more details click here.