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The maintenance of the volunteer website is over!

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The site – with its renewed appearance – has been available again since Monday. All volunteers have to follow some important steps in order to return to their accounts!

You can find the instructions to access your renewed account below:

  • Open the volunteer website:
  • Click on the Activate again or request a new password button under the login interface.
  • Write the email address you used on the volunteer website as a user name.
  • The system will send you an email in which you will find a link. After clicking on this link, the website will ask you to set a new password.
  • After setting the password you can log in to your renewed personal account!

Please be advised that doing the password-changing procedure described above is necessary in all cases for you to be able to access your account!

After logging in, please check all the information you provided earlier on the application forms and modify it if it is necessary! This absolutely needs to be done in order for us to be able to do the assignments!

Smaller differences in your information can occur as a result of the maintenance, thank you for your understanding in this matter!

Please log in to your account no later than 14th April, 2017, midnight, and check the information you provided to activate your account!

In case you have questions, please write to the email address. In order to make your letter arrive to the corresponding person as soon as possible, write MAINTENANCE in the subject of your letter.


We hope that you will like the renewed website! See you soon!