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Modern, innovative water disinfection system in Duna Arena

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State of the art water disinfection system to debut at the world championships hosted by Hungary Budapest, April 4, 2017. – The implementation of an efficient, environmentally sound and safe water disinfection system (manufactured by a Hungarian firm) began in Duna Arena, hosting the upcoming 17th FINA World Championships from July 14th. This innovative disinfection method is based on enhanced electrolysis processes and the system allows for disinfecting as much water per day as in the case of the water network of a city with almost 90 thousand inhabitants. Those visiting this high end sport and aquatic centre of Hungary will continue to benefit from this innovative technology after the WCH, as well.

It is expected that approximately 3500-4000 top athletes will attend the 17th FINA World Championships in Hungary between July 14-30, 2017. Athletes of water polo, synchronised swimming and high diving will compete in Duna Arena, a facility constructed in accordance with sustainability considerations.  The facility serving as the key venue of the championships is not the only one in Hungary allowing for decreased seating capacity after the event, however, it is the first venue in the history of world championships where pools are disinfected by an environmentally friendly method without using hazardous chemicals or substances.

REDO disinfection solution (based on German technology and manufactured in Hungary) produces disinfectant liquid from water and saline through electrolysis. Thanks to its 6 components the liquid disinfects water efficiently and rapidly without any added chemicals or substances (such as chlorine gas). Concerning top athletes or any other athletes, sport enthusiasts, future visitors or kids learning to swim this achievement is of great significance since this way unpleasant chlorine smell, eye and skin irritation caused by chlorine gas and tooth enamel damages can be prevented.

In addition to the elimination of health risks another advantage of the system in contrast with chlorine gas is safety: the disinfectant liquid is circulated in an automated, closed system ensuring the prevention of overdosing, occurring in the case of chlorine gas typically. Besides, the system is easy to handle, its operation is cost-effective and does not require special training.

The implementation of the water disinfection system will take two months as it will disinfect so much water per day in the two Olympic pools of Duna Arena as the water system of a city with the population of Székesfehérvár for instance. The total investment cost is 174 million HUF.

Established in 2002 REDO Water Systems, the company implementing the system, is present in 32 countries globally distributing its own developed and manufactured water disinfection systems. In Hungary those using REDO technology include the Clinical Centre of the University of Pécs and Semmelweis University among others, concerning international markets the American aircraft manufacturer, Boeing is among their customers. Thanks to their new water management solution REDO Water Systems has been awarded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour with the Federal Award 2004 for an outstanding innovative product.


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