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The unique Hungarian Post stamp dedicated to the world championships was launched

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Bp2017 Nonprofit LLC and the Hungarian Post presented ceremonially the stamp issued by the Hungarian Post related to the 17th FINA World Championships on Wednesday.

The event was held at the venue of the synchronised swimming discipline for the world championships in the City Park. 

The guests of the press conference were welcomed by Sándor Balogh,  Chief Financial Officer of Bp2017 Nonprofit LLC: ‘At the end of March FINA delegates visited our country and they were absolutely satisfied with the organising. Organising world championships is a huge task, but enormous success as well. The event of July can be considered as one of the four most prestigious events in the world  attracting ten-thousands of tourists to Hungary and TV broadcast is also followed by millions’ he said. Regarding the venue of synchronised swimming he added that a key aspect was to preserve green areas, both the pools and the stands would be built on the concrete surface of the lake. 

At the press conference dr. Anita Boros, Deputy Secretary of State for the Ministry of National Development responsible for asset management was also present. She mentioned that organising the event within such a record time is unique in the history of  world championships. She cited Cornel Marculescu’s, FINA Executive Director’s words that everything is given to organise the best ever world championships. 

Katinka Hosszú, 3-time Olympic, 5-time world and 13-time European champion swimmer and Kálmán Majtényi, Deputy CEO of Hungarian Post also greeted the guests.

Having issued the stamp ceremonially the participants walked over to the Lake of City Park and released 100 environmentally friendly paper lilies onto the water. 

The special stamp issued by the Hungarian Post, celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, can be bought at designated post offices and branch offices (or via the webshop of the company) for the price of 435 HUF. 200.000 stamps have been produced. 

Referring to this special date the organisers also hid 100 world championships mascots at different points of the city attaching motivation messages on Lili and Lali. Closing the 100 days’ counting programme the main venue of the world championships, Duna Arena is enlightened by decorative lights when night falls.