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According to Cornel Marculescu, Executive Director of FINA, the 17th FINA World Championships in Hungary are expected to be one of the best in the history of the Event. The director of the International Swimming Federation and the members of the various disciplines’ Technical Committees evaluated the preparations of the 17th FINA World Championships in joint meetings and site visits with the Budapest 2017 Organising Committee.

The FINA Executive Director highlighted that the World Championships this summer are expected to one of the best in the history of Event. The outstanding support from the Hungarian Government, the organizers’ hard work and the beautiful venues are all guarantees for success. “The debate regarding the budget for the World Championships is always an issue. There will be always somebody who says that the organisers spend too much. Following each FINA World Championships, we ask an independent company to make a study about the economic impacts. Studies show that double or triple amounts of the investment were realised in Barcelona (2013) and in Kazan (2015). And here is the Danube Arena. All Hungarian people will enjoy the advantages of this amazing complex. A project like this is really important in order to improve the society’s and the young generation’s health.” – said Marculescu.

The members of FINA looked at the preparations of every aquatic discipline. The FINA Technical Diving Committee was the first to pay its visit to Budapest. Kathy Seaman, the Committee’s Chairwoman evaluated the Danube Arena, where the diving events will be held this July: “I am amazed by the arena, the venue is fantastic. I see that everybody is working hard and the preparations make good progress.”

High Diving is the youngest discipline contested at the FINA World Championships - in Hungary the competition will be hosted at the Batthyányi Square’s embankment, facing the Parliament.

The next FINA delegation visited the City Park which will be home for the Synchronised Swimming competitions. Igor Kartashov, the Vice-Chairman of the Technical Synchronised Swimming Committee shared his opinion on the preparation of the venue as: “the vision and the beauty impressed me very much”.

The Chairman of the Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, Ronnie Wong said Balatonfüred was a special, experienced host of the discipline. “The organisation is always professional, I have experienced this during my visits here, since I have been in Balatonfüred many times.”

The FINA Technical Water Polo Committee’s Chairman, Gianni Lonzi returned to the Hungarian Water Polo Federation’ headquarters to meet the organisers as if he was going home. The reconstruction of the legendary Alfred Hajós National Swimming Complex is in full swing. The iconic water polo venue, the offices, the pavements and roads are being refurbished; and new parking lots are being built for the FINA World Championships, the community spaces are getting a fresh cut - the greatest sport event ever hosted by Hungary will leave a significant legacy at the heart of Budapest, too.

On the final day of the week-long site visit the FINA Technical Swimming Committee inspected the brand new Danube Arena and held fruitful meetings with the organisers. The Arena impressed the visitors once again so much that Cornel Marculescu mentioned that it must be presented on the list of the world’s best pools. The Organising Committee of the 2020 Olympic Games have also been amazed by the complex earlier this year, the Danube Arena serve as the signature venue of the 17th FINA World Championships, and many more exciting events in the future, too.