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Diving: The success of the favorites in Beijing

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Led by Olympic champions Shi Tingmao, Chen Aisen, Cao Yuan and Re Qian, China swept four synchro events on Day 1 of the inaugural leg of the 2017 FINA/NVC diving World Series in the Beijing state-of-the-art Water Cube.

Ren Qian, women's 10m champion in Rio, teamed up with Chang Yani to claim victory in the women's 10m synchro platform with a total of 340.26 points. Olympic runner-ups Pamg Pandelela/Cheong Jun Hoong of Malaysia ranked second (316.08), while Kim Kuk Hyang/Kim Mi Rae of People's Republic of Korea third with 313.92.

Chen Aisen, first ever diver to wrap up both individual and synchro platform (men) events in one Olympic Games, competed with his new partner Yang Hao.

"A new partner means a fresh start. Unlike my previous partner, Lin Yue who is experienced with an Olympic synchro title in 2008, Yang is young and inexperienced. We have to work harder and take part in more competitions," Chen said.

Chen/Yang met no strong challenges to win the gold in 488.85 points, beating Patrick Hausding/Sascha Klein of Germany (419.10) and Viktor Minibaev/Aleksandr Bondar of Russia (415.50).

Thomas Daley/Daniel Goodfellow of Britain followed the three pairs with 409.59.

In the women's 3m synchro, Olympic holders Shi Tingmao and Xu Zhihuan performed smoothly to take the gold with 319.20 points. Maddison Keeney/Anabelle Smith of Australia finished second (298.68) and Kristina Ilinykh/Nadezhda Bazhina of Russia third in 294.00.

Laugher, who brought Britain first ever Olympic diving medal in Rio, started high with a clean 5154B to earn 95.20 points and never looked back for a winning total of 554.00. Laugher had the highest DD of the whole routines with 21.6, and soared the highest scores of the day in 5156B for 99.45 and 109C 96.90. China's Xie Siyi came second in 539.15 and Cao Yuan third (510.05).

In the mixed 3m springboard synchro, Wang Han/Li Zheng of China won the title (323.10), beating Maddison Keeney/Domonic Bedggood of Australia (305.34) and Jennifer Abel/Fancois Imbeau-Dulac of Canada (304.74). Grace Reid/Thomas Daley of Great Britain finished fourth 300.33.

China's Lian Jie/Lian Junjie took the victory in the mixed 10m platform synchro in 329.28, ahead of Iuliia Timoshinina/Viktor Minibaev of Russia 305.64 and Meaghan Benfeito/Vincent Riendeau of Canada 302.34, respectively.

China collected nine titles out of 10 on offer as Jack Laugher of the Britain brought the remaining one in the men's 3m springboard.

And what does it mean for the 17th FINA World Championships? We will see a highly anticipated and spectacular event in the Danube Arena.