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Synchronised swimming: Lili and Lali have conquered Bonn

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Last weekend was the opening of the German Open and with it the international synchronised swimming season has started! This will be the first step towards to the 17th FINA World Championships and every step of the way will be a rehearsal for every team. Many of the bigger stars said goodbye to the competitive sport after the Rio Olympics and almost every country expected to bring brand new choreographies.

Lili and Lali, the mascots of the World Championships, were the biggest stars of the German Open and it won’t be a lie to say they were very much adored by everyone. The representatives of the international aquatics, who mostly have seen the mascots first in their life, they were keen on getting to know them closely, asking Gabriella Kobolák, the judge of the Hungarian delegation about the creation of the mascots:

“Many asked me what was behind of the idea of the two mascots and everyone passed by and saw them was really fond of seeing the Hungarian motives to come to life. They like the appearance of the lilies and water lilies. They were big stars and there was an athlete who borrowed Lili for 3 days to share bed, they were asked to make selfies all the time. Every synchronised swimmer is looking forwards to be in Budapest and start the competition.”

The biggest name of the German Open was Yukiko Inui, Olympic bronze winner, who won the golden medal in the solo, duo and team competition. She is a one of the possible winners of the World Championships this July, she is in the lead in every race. The Japanese team had an amazing and unique routine in Bonn with an exceptionally wide formation. They did not comment on their plans whether to bring this routine to Budapest this summer or not; their goal will be to stand on the podium for sure.

Yukino Inui (JPN), Olympic and World Championships bronze medal winner, won golden in the solo, duo and team at the German Open

China could be the biggest rival of Japan in Budapest; their team composition will be revealed at the China Open in April only. At the international competition in Bonn there were one team from Szechuan and one from Shanghai. The twins from Szechuan, Jiang Ting Ting and Jian Wen Wen have big confidence to have a chance to compete in Budapest, they finished in Bonn on the second highest place on the podium. Their trainer is the world-renowned master of Spain, Ana Tarres, the general opinion loved their routine, it was fantastic, they said. 

The Shanghai team imagined the in their free combination the rocky version of the Swan Lake in front of the viewers, the black swams came to life in fun choreography.

                                                                                The Chinese girls were happy to take photos with Lili and Lali

The Hungarian team, the hosting team of the next World Championships showed off their brand-new choreography made for the big event in July, coached by Natalia Tarasova.

Hungarian judge, Gabriella Kobolák commented on the girls’ performance:

The short program has a rhythmical Hungarian music made the viewers to applaud during the whole performance. The implementation could be a bit improved but in terms of degree of difficulty, their performance was a very powerful practice, who, if given more time to adapt to each other they will be a very pleasant surprise at the 17th FINA World Championships."  

                                                                                                   The Hungarian Synchronised Swimming team

“Their music was very unique”- said Natalia Tarasova head coach, it was very important for her to use a song which is based on simply on Hungarian traditions. The routine was much more complicated than the previous ones but more simplifies and closer to the leading teams’ choreographies. To see routines of the hungarian team, click here.

The 17th FINA Word Championships will be initiating during 7 competition day in 9 competition World Champions: solo, duo, team, two mixed duos.  The finals will be in the mornings and the prefinals will be early evenings in July.

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