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„It can be the most balanced world championships ever”

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The 17th World Championships Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Draw was held on the 24th of February at the Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel in Budapest. Here are some commentary about the results of the draw.

Several head coaches from the men’s field were present at the event and after the „thrills” they spoke about their feelings.

Alessandro Campagna, head coach of Italy:

Giuseppe Porzio, head coach of Canada:

„I think for Canada it is a good draw because we have Brazil, Kazakhstan and Montenegro. It is a young team and if we wanna go ahead we have to do our best. I think for us it is ok but we should work a lot, because we changed a lot in the team. We are a good team, but my players are young and in Canada lots of them leave the water polo. But we have two or three players who are 24-25 years old and if someone of them will come back, may be Justin Boyd or John Conway we would be stronger. May be the group C with Serbia, Greece and Spain is really strong. In group B Italy and Hungary will fight for the first place. Hungary will play at home with a big pressure but I gonna wish all the best to my friend, Tomi Märcz and his team. I know it is not easy to play your best with young players.”

Dejan Savic, head coach of Serbia:

And Gianni Lonzi, President of the FINA Technical Water Polo Committee:

The women’s water polo tournaments’ groups:

Group A: Italy, Brazil, Canada, China
Group B: New Zeeland, South Africa, Spain, USA
Group C: Japan, Netherland, Hungary, France
Group D: Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece

The men’s water polo tournaments’ groups:

Group A: Brazil, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Canada
Group B: France, Australia, Italy, Hungary
Group C: Spain, Serbia, Greece, South Africa
Group D: USA, Japan, Croatia, Russia

The first placed teams of every group will be automatically reach the quarterfinals, till the every second from the groups will have to compete against the teams finished at their groups at the third places to get into the best 8 teams.

For the quarter-finals:



B1– C3/D2
C1– A2/B3


Winner of A1–C2/D3–Winner of B1–C3/D2
Winner of C1– A2/B3–Winner of D1–A3–B2