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Synchronised Swimming: the pre-swimmers have been appointed

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The Hungarian Synchronised Swimming Federation made an important decision: it appointed the club, whose athletes will play a key role at the FINA World Championships in Budapest, independently from the participating Hungarian athletes.

So, the swimmers of BVSC-Zugló, leader club of the national rankings will have the opportunity to pre-swim before the team and combination synchro events (the nomination shall be approved by FINA).

Erika Horváthné Kovács, head coach of BVSC explains what pre-swimming actually means in the discipline:

‘First of all, this is a great honour and a perfect chance to make debut at the World Championships. Pre-swimming should be imagined like a N.0 competitor before the actual session. The judges watch the performance and give scores, just like for the actual competing athletes. It is an important role, since we define the opening scores and it is our responsibility to create a great atmosphere in the venue.'  

In the technical and free routine eight girls, while in the combination routine ten girls will jump into the water at the City Park (Városliget). Around sixteen junior and senior athletes have to fight for these places in the BVSC Sport Club.

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