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The registration has begun!

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Registration to the 17th FINA World Championships to be held in Budapest and Balatonfüred (HUN) between July 14 and 30 is now open through the FINA General Management System (GMS).

All accredited participants of the 17th FINA World Championships must be registered through the GMS.

National Federations and Commercial Partners:

FINA Family/Individuals:

The following deadlines apply for the registration process:

March 7: Preliminary Entries, Preliminary Accommodation Requests

June 7: Final Nominations and Visa Assistance, Final Accommodation Requests and Rooming Lists

July 5: Sport Entries

All National Federations and FINA Family members will soon receive the Championships’ Official Invitation Letter and Summons Document, containing all information on processes, schedules and venues.

A total of 2429 athletes participated at the 15th edition of the FINA World Championships in Kazan (RUS) in 2015, the number of competitors can be even higher in Hungary this summer.

Registration shortly opens for media representatives and participants of the 17th World Masters Championships, too.

FINA website:
Budapest 2017 website:

Registration support and contact:

GMS user guide:
GMS Support Team:
Budapest 2017 inquiries (for National Federations):