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Although “winter is coming” the divers can continue their preparation to the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships thanks to the brand new indoor opportunity.

A dream came true for the divers in October when they finished the Bubble as a part of the Alfréd Hajós Complex in the Margaret Island. This is a huge help for the athletes because during winter they could not practice from the higher points. With this new technology the last obstacle is eliminated. Katalain Haász, the president of the Divers Committee said – “This is the first “tent” in the world, nobody ever built anything like this before.”

What really makes it special is its inner height with 15 meters. The tent is standing because of the inflatable elements, so it is not the traditional over pressured method.  With this buildup the Hungarian diving team could start the practices and the preparations to the next year’s WC in November.

In the Dagály Aquatics Arena, the new diving establishment will be crowded by other countries’ athletes because they would like to get to know the new venue which will also help the “home team”. The interest is also huge from the divers of the World Masters Championships.