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Chinese dominance and romance in the Olympic diving events

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The diving competitions are dominated by the Chinese again in the Olympics. (Image:

The diving competitions are dominated by the Chinese again in the Olympics. They have won 4 out of the 5 events so far, with Shi Tingmao being the big star of this sport in Rio. Shi won the synchronized 3 m springboard event last week with Wu Minxia, and she finished first in the 3 m springboard as well last night, but she still was not happy with her performance.

"I would give myself a score of 80 today because I was very nervous. While my first few dives were okay, my heart felt quite unsteady during the others. Because it's the Olympic final, wanting to win it affects your state of mind " - she said.

Silver went to Shi’s compatriot He Zhi, who was really happy, but not only because of that: her boyfriend Qin Kai (himself a Chinese diver in Rio) gave her a ring. The two have been together for 6 years and will now be married after He tearfully accepted Qin’s proposal.

China has now won the women’s 3-meter springboard at 8 straight Olympics, stretching back to 1988. Five of those eight wins have now been gold-silver sweeps for the Chinese – 1988, 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2016. The last time China lost this event was 1984, when Canadian Sylvie Bernier topped two Americans in Los Angeles.

Regarding the Olympic diving in events in Rio: the gold medals of the synchronized 10 m platform competitions went also to the Chinese (women: Chen Ruolin/Liu Huixia, men: Chen Aisen/Lin Yue).

The only exception is the win of British pair Chris Mears and Jack Laugher in the synchronized 3 m springboard event.

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