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We have finally started to prepare for the Olympic Games!

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We have finally started to prepare for the Olympic Games! At the beginning of such periods, we always have some team-building program, and this time was not an exception either! After some prepare trainings we spent 5 days in Heiligenblut in Austria. The environment was very impressive: silence, beautiful mountains, fresh air and extra adrenalin! We tried out the rafting, we were hiking and we got through a part of via ferrata, which was the biggest experience for me. Before anyone could think we just had fun and enjoyed the summer, we had not skipped trainings, for sure. Morning running for body awakening, gym and swimming were on the list, and nobody needed to listen lullabies to fall asleep. The excursion reached its purpose for sure, we became a real team and got lots of experience. There are so many stories to tell, and we can remember for!