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Lili and Lali in Toronto

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The two mascots of 17th FINA World Championship, Lili and Lali have started conquering the world to spread the news about the greatest event of 2017, the 17th FINA World Championships.

This time Lili and Lali visited Toronto, where they explored the Consulate General of Hungary. Toronto is located at a distance of 370 km from Windsor, the city served as home to the FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships not so long ago, in December 2016. Toronto one of the most well-known, populous cities in Canada. The mascots had a really great time there, enjoyed a warm welcome from both local Canadians and Hungarian who chose this North American metropolis     as their home.

‘We all know that Canada is the birth place of ice-hockey, and Toronto is one of the capitals of this sport. So, we visited the Hockey Hall of Fame, home to the immortal, greatest players ever.  For unknown reasons Lali has enjoyed this visited more, but he took me to the Toronto Zoo afterwards to make up for it.’ –said Lili.

See you soon!