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Lili and Lali in Kaposvár

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The two mascots of the 17th FINA World Championships, Lili and Lali hit the road and travel around the globe to spread the news all over about the greatest event coming in 2017! Let’s hear about their most recent trip on home-soil, in the beautiful Hungary!

‘We have been really homesick, missing our lovely Hungary, so finally we decided to spend the weekend in the charming city of Kaposvár. We love it here as we can stay around the pool, but we are curious creatures, so we went to the county’s main basketball arena to watch a heated game.

The atmosphere was amazing on the court and on the stands, too. Lili was cheering for the home team so much that she actually lost her voice finally. Perhaps her cheering motivated the home team who won 77-66. Later, we went out to celebrate the winner team with other supporters who we got to know during the match. Of course we have visited the Kossuth Square which was full of life and with friendly people. For an example in one of the stands we have found some so delicous chimney cakes that we have ordered two more to bring them to our friends.

The rest was the best: we have met with Virth Balázs who was the trainer of Gyurta Dániel and now he is training with Kapás Boglárka. After a little sleep, we continued our trip. Soon, we will continue our quest to spread the word on the greatest event coming to Hungary in July this year, the 17th FINA World Championships! Until then, all the best!