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Lili and Lali were in London

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The two mascots of the 17th FINA World Championships, Lili and Lali feel the rush of wanderlust to spread the words about the biggest sport event in 2017.

As our plane landed in London we both knew: we took too much stuff and luggage with us. It is because of Lili, no offence! Girls feel comfortable if they have three extra dresses and four pair of shoes with them. All this stays in the suitcase of course… Our fellow-traveller, Sorel could hardly handle all of our luggage! Just one thought came into our minds, what would we have done, if we had spent more than two nights in the British capital? I think, it would have meant more extra weight…
After solving our tiny logistics problem, without Sorel spraining his back, we took on the city and were surprised every minute! People were friendly, thanks to their help, we did not get lost riding the subway, or as local people call it “the tube”. The unexpected, beautiful, sunny weather made our day even more perfect, so it was very comfy to walk along the River Thames and watch the breathing, milling crowds - in Budapest the weather is freezing cold at this time.

Later that evening, we started discovering the legendary Soho!

Sadly, next morning we needed to rush to the airport, it was quite difficult to get up and get ready on time. Naturally, sleeping in was not a direct consequence of the fun times in Soho…more the jet lag from the one hour time difference… We boarded the flight back to Budapest with three suitcases, unable to fit all the great memories and experience! We store these in our hearts!


We wish you all the best till our next trip, or as we heard in London several times: see you later!!